• Urgency for business to get behind Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

    HYPERACTIVE humanitarian organisation Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance working to prevent outbreaks of disease worldwide, is calling on Asia-Pacific business leaders for help.

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  • Torrens Uni anticipates the jobs of tomorrow

    TORRENS University Australia – part of the global Laureate group of universities – is seeing success from its revitalisation of certain course areas that are showing strong jobs growth.

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  • Archerfield Airport offers 'fly-free' in July celebration

    ARCHERFIELD Airport, once a major military air base and today one of the country's leading pilot and aviation industry training centres, plans to celebrate its 20th year since privatisation with free landing fees throughout July.

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  • NRMA plugs in $10m worth of Tritium EV chargers

    AUSTRALIA’s biggest automotive club, NRMA – in fact the country’s largest membership organisation – has chosen Australian electric vehicle (EV) charging specialists Tritium to provide EV fast-chargers for its new network rollout.

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May 29, 2018

C-suite executives must have ICT security education

MANADATORY breach notification legislation came into effect in Australia on February 22 – yet most business leaders seem to be unaware of its organisation-wide ramifications.

Recent research by Kaspersky Lab internationally revealed only 12 percent of employees know or understand their information security policy – and Australian ICT security group…

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‘Administrating’ the Administrators.

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  • 17 Jun, 2018

    Australian filmmakers explore opportunities in China


    AUSTRALIAN film production capability has been showcased in China during a delegation visit to discuss opportunities for joint projects.

    The mission in mid-June to Beijing and Shanghai aimed to generate sales for Australian filmmakers, identify leads for potential TV and film projects to bring to Australia and influence the…

  • 15 Jun, 2018

    NRMA plugs in $10m worth of Tritium electric vehicle chargers


    AUSTRALIA’s biggest automotive club, NRMA – in fact the country’s largest membership organisation – has chosen Australian electric vehicle (EV) charging specialists Tritium to provide EV fast-chargers for its new network rollout.

    NRMA is, at this stage, focusing on its projected $10 million program to open up New South Wales…

  • 15 Jun, 2018

    Resources sector delivers for all Queenslanders


    By Ian Macfarlane, Queensland Resources Council chief executive >>

    ON BEHALF of the 282,000 men and women working in the Queensland resources industry, can I say how proud we are of the industry’s contribution to the State Budget.

    Within the pages of the Budget, the Palaszczuk Government has confirmed royalties from coal,…

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Digital Business


May 23, 2018

'Administrating' the administrators

THE ROYAL Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry is likely to give…


Business Travel & Events

In Brief

April 16, 2018

Gold for Australia stretches beyond Commonwealth Games

AUSTRALIA’s 80 gold medal-winning performances at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games are "set to be matched by a growth…

Research & Books

News Feature

Regional Economic Development

June 02, 2018

Springfield is driven by city innovation

SPRINGFIELD City Group has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Queensland Government to collaborate on…

Manufacturing Acumen

Aviation Acumen

June 14, 2018

Archerfield Airport offers 'fly-free' in July

ARCHERFIELD Airport plans to celebrate its 20th year since privatisation with free landing fees throughout July.

Brisbane's metropolitan airport south of the CBD, which at one stage was Queensland's major airport and…

Automotive Acumen

Debt Recovery & Management


May 21, 2018

Chowder Bay lessons for financiers, valuers, developers

THE February 26 appeal decision by the Federal Court of Australia in Chowder Bay Pty Ltd v Paganin resulted in the valuer and the developer dodging a…

Acumen Archives

January 27, 2015

Less pain and effort now it’s Ezy-As

For many, the arduous task of donning compression stockings can be frustrating. This is especially true if the wearer is living independently,…

Business Incubator: RiverCityLabs

Queensland Leaders

May 29, 2018

Dark arts: How to cope with Australian and global IP laws

EVEN with new intellectual property (IP) initiatives by the Australian Government designed to make the process easier, it is still a difficult area for most business leaders to navigate.

Yet it is…

NSW Leaders

April 29, 2016

Ocular Robotics envisions the future

AUSTRALIAN company Ocular Robotics has been recognised as a ‘game changer’ organisation in the global robotics revolution.

Ocular Robotics, a New South Wales Leaders alumni member, was presented…

Creative Industries

June 01, 2018

Animated feature 100% Wolf funded for fun

FLYING Bark Productions animated feature 100% Wolf has won production investment from Screen Australia, in association with Screenwest and Create…

Sports Business

June 02, 2018

Sport events attract international support

EVENT-SPECIALIST lawyers MinterEllison are tracking increased investment in Australian sport by international companies – especially from…

Indigenous Business

Advertising & Marketing

March 26, 2018

Collabosaurus adds tools to marketing armoury

COLLABOSAURUS has launched innovative new tools to help its 4,000 business members so far – ranging across Australia, the UK, US, New Zealand and…

Training & Careers

Finance & Investment

May 21, 2018

Chinese make ‘healthy’ $5.5 billion investment

CHINESE investment in Australia’s healthcare sector has surged over the past three years – not featuring at all before 2015 – to…


June 02, 2018

FluroSat raises $1.5m to ‘seed’ crop health

FLUROSAT, an Australian crop health monitoring startup, has raised $1.5 million to ‘seed’ the next phase of its expansion.

FluroSat is set to bring…

Community Business

Better Business Technology

May 26, 2018

Nutanix innovations cut cloud costs, boost security

NUTANIX has launched its first software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, Nutanix Beam, to help businesses control their ‘cloud’ spend, along with two…

Bottom Line

June 02, 2018

Lost in trans lay shun

BOTTOMLINE is not sure whether this hotel brochure text presented to us is genuine or not … but we have discovered other genuine brochures that rival…

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