• River City Labs’ Startup Invest event sees US$100k ‘live’ investment

    STARTUP HISTORY was made at the recent Startup Invest event in Brisbane when an international investor committed US$100,000 on-the-spot.

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  • Down to business on Australian wildlife

    WILDLIFE Queensland is reaching out to form Conservation Partnerships with businesses that have sustainability in their DNA. They want to attract a high-level Foundation Conservation Panel of business leaders  passionate about protecting Australian wildlife and habitat.

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  • Eight key things every SME must know about cyber security

    "IF YOU THINK cyber security is an IT issue, think again. Fast, " warns Peter Maynard, co-founder and CEO of Australian cyber risk management advisory firm, CyberMetrix.

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  • Making it Biggs time in Thailand

    ANDREW BIGGS is arguably the most famous foreigner in Thailand today. Over the last 25 years, the Australian has hosted national TV and radio shows in Thai and English. His books have been bestsellers and he has a whopping 2.5 million followers on Twitter, writes Ellen Boonstra.

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Featured Article

August 20, 2018

Standing on the edge: Is Australia really ready for 5G?

By Jim Poole >>        

THE DEMAND is there. The hype is there. But is Australia really ready for 5G?

In one sense, the answer is, "Absolutely.”

The fifth-generation of wireless broadband technology will bring an exponential increase in data speeds that will change how people interact with the internet. For example, download time for a high-definition…

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Making 'Made in Australia' great again.

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Green Galaxies and Solar Schools 


‘Administrating’ the Administrators.

Latest Business News

  • 19 Aug, 2018

    Health tech. innovations on show at Care Expo


    THE LATEST innovations in the health sector – ranging from Guardian safety pendants to therapeutic robots – will be showcased at the inaugural Care Expo in Brisbane from September 14-15.

    More than 100 exhibitors will take over the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre for Care Expo, which will encompass a wide range of…

  • 19 Aug, 2018

    IFL Ventures fossicks for your business ‘gold’

    Companies on the Move

    THE NEW IFL Ventures division of the InterFinancial group has been established to focus on the rare and valuable aspects of businesses – in other words, finding what may be ‘gold’ for investors.

    IFL Ventures managing director, Graeme McKellar said, for example, that many business leaders did not appreciate how valuable their…

  • 19 Aug, 2018

    Thailand: now a prime destination for biotech development

    Asia Pacific

    By Ellen Boonstra, Asia correspondent >>

    BIOTECHNOLOGY in Thailand has been through more than three decades of development and the country is now regarded by many as being poised to take a lead in the sector.

    Today, with its superb infrastructure, substantial scientific capability and strategic location in the centre of the…

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Digital Business

August 14, 2018

Come to grips with digital dangers

By Murray Goldschmidt >>

NO BUSINESS is safe when it comes to cyber-attacks, and this is what small business fails to…


May 23, 2018

'Administrating' the administrators

THE ROYAL Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry is likely to give…


In Brief

Research & Books

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Regional Economic Development

July 28, 2018

Seachange lifestyle becomes ‘transformative’ for over 50s

WITH POPULATION RESEARCH projecting that more than five million Australians will be over the age of 65 by 2025, luxury…

Manufacturing Acumen

Aviation Acumen

June 14, 2018

Archerfield Airport offers 'fly-free' in July

ARCHERFIELD Airport plans to celebrate its 20th year since privatisation with free landing fees throughout July.

Brisbane's metropolitan airport south of the CBD, which at one stage was Queensland's major airport and…

Automotive Acumen

Debt Recovery & Management


July 25, 2018

IPA says 'instant' ABNs may undermine tax system integrity

THE Australian Business Number (ABN) plays a critical role in the tax system, but registering an ABN without planning and forethought may be…

Acumen Archives

January 27, 2015

Less pain and effort now it’s Ezy-As

For many, the arduous task of donning compression stockings can be frustrating. This is especially true if the wearer is living independently,…

Business Incubator: RiverCityLabs

Queensland Leaders

NSW Leaders

April 29, 2016

Ocular Robotics envisions the future

AUSTRALIAN company Ocular Robotics has been recognised as a ‘game changer’ organisation in the global robotics revolution.

Ocular Robotics, a New South Wales Leaders alumni member, was presented…

Creative Industries

June 01, 2018

Animated feature 100% Wolf funded for fun

FLYING Bark Productions animated feature 100% Wolf has won production investment from Screen Australia, in association with Screenwest and Create…

Sports Business

June 02, 2018

Sport events attract international support

EVENT-SPECIALIST lawyers MinterEllison are tracking increased investment in Australian sport by international companies – especially from…

Indigenous Business

Advertising & Marketing

July 06, 2018

Don’t Stop Us Now! podcast by Hatton and Thomas smashes barriers with innovation

AUSTRALIAN business leaders, Claire Hatton and Greta Thomas, are helping women to boost innovation and become pioneers in their fields – through…

Training & Careers

Finance & Investment

May 21, 2018

Chinese make ‘healthy’ $5.5 billion investment

CHINESE investment in Australia’s healthcare sector has surged over the past three years – not featuring at all before 2015 – to…


June 02, 2018

FluroSat raises $1.5m to ‘seed’ crop health

FLUROSAT, an Australian crop health monitoring startup, has raised $1.5 million to ‘seed’ the next phase of its expansion.

FluroSat is set to bring…

Community Business

August 08, 2018

How Wildlife can help business – and vice versa

By Mike Sullivan >>

WILDLIFE Queensland is reaching out to form Conservation Partnerships with businesses that have sustainability in their…

Better Business Technology

July 31, 2018

Re-thinking 'risk' from digital disruption

By Jeff Smith >> DIGITALISATION is changing everything, ushering in new business models, new economic realities, and a whirlwind pace of innovation…

Bottom Line

June 02, 2018

Lost in trans lay shun

BOTTOMLINE is not sure whether this hotel brochure text presented to us is genuine or not … but we have discovered other genuine brochures that rival…

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