Elkes Oils - Building an online business to target international markets.

After developing a range of natural health products, Elke of Elke's Oils contacted us about building an online store. In addition to the ecommerce functionality, the site would also need to support multiple languages.


One of her biggest market opportunities is in China so being able to offer content in Mandarin would give Elke a competitive edge.

At the same time, she wanted to give her loyal local customers an easy way to purchase products and offer them special deals.

Services delivered in the building of elkesoils.com.au included:

  • Product Photography
  • Website Design
  • Multi-language support e-Commerce Store
  • Facebook Marketing Setup

Thesite was built using the UIKit framework and an ecommerce solution called Hikashop. By utilising Joomla's robust multi-language system, we were able to offer a seamless switch between English and the Mandarin content supplied by Elke's translators.

The build included custom shipping pricing, product factsheets, and the option for customers to choose either Paypal or Alipay.


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