Report launch -- offshore wind can address climate change and provide transition for fossil fuel workers

A NEW REPORT, to be released today, will urge the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments to back the emerging offshore wind sector in a move that could drastically reduce carbon emissions while providing quality jobs for workers transitioning out of fossil fuel industries.

In a joint report launched by the Victorian Trades Hall Council, unions from the maritime, energy and manufacturing sectors will outline a series of steps to not only encourage the use of offshore wind to reduce carbon emission, but take advantage of the emerging industry to diversify the job opportunities for workers and communities which are currently reliant on coal, oil and gas.

Putting the ‘Justice’ in ‘Just Transition’: Tackling inequality in the new renewable economy focuses on the Star of the South project, Australia’s first proposed offshore wind farm which would use 250 turbines between 10-25km off the Gippsland coast to generate up to 20 percent of Victoria’s electricity.

The report, produced by the Maritime Union of Australia, Victorian Trades Hall Council, Gippsland Trades and Labour Council, Electrical Trades Union, and Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union, outlines the steps required to not only support the development of this emerging sector, but to ensure it delivers positive outcomes to communities reliant on fossil fuel industries.

Workers from fossil fuel industries who would like to transition into a new offshore wind sector will also be available for media interviews.

Launch: Putting the Justice in ‘Just Transition’

When: 10:30am, Friday 8 November 2019

Where: VTHC, 54 Victoria St, Carlton



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