Resources sector completes safety reset

THE Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has welcomed the release of official figures that show 96 percent of workers in Queensland’s resources and quarry sectors have completed safety resets.

QRC chief executive Ian Macfarlane said the resources industry has been fully engaged in the reset process, underscoring the sector’s commitment to safety for all workers.

“Safety is the number one priority in the resources sector. It’s not just words, it’s the reality for everyone who works in or with our sector,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“From day one when the reset was first proposed at a meeting with industry, government and unions, resources companies have made this their top priority.

“Although the circumstances that have led up to the reset are tragic, the reset process has had a positive impact on the safety settings for the sector in the long-term.

“Each safety reset was implemented according to site-specific circumstances and specific fatal risks," Mr Macfarlane said.

“I have had feedback about resets that show they have strengthened the two-way communication between workers and management. There have also been occasions where the resets have identified external issues that could improve safety, for example upgrading roads near mine sites.\

“The resources sector always strives to implement the best practices and best technologies to maximise site safety. Every measure we put in place to enhance safety is time well spent.

“Thank you to all our member companies who have participated in this reset and given it their full resources and attention," he said.

“Extenuating circumstances relating to shift logistics and individual cases of worker leave mean we expect the small number of workers who are still participating in the reset to complete the process in the coming weeks.

“QRC supports the two independent reviews commissioned by the Queensland Government, which are due to report back by the end of the year.”

The reviews will focus on why mine and quarry workers have died over the past 20 years; how industry can improve and how the mines inspectorate can work better and review the state’s mining health and safety legislation.



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