Election inspection: have your say on the 2019 polls

SUBMISSIONS are now open for the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters inquiry into the 2019 Federal Election.

The roles of pre-poll voting, political advertising standards, disinformation and third-party actors are expected to be examined by the Committee.

Committee Chair, Senator James McGrath said Australia had seen more people casting their vote before election day than ever before.

"More and more Australians are choosing to vote early. It is imperative we have voting options, but we need to examine what impact this increased uptake in pre-poll voting is having." Senator McGrath said.

Senator McGrath said the rise of social media manipulation and disinformation campaigns were a threat to democracy.

"Increasingly, Australians are consuming and accessing their news online, away from traditional offline sources. We need to ensure our electoral processes take the serious dangers of digital platforms and disinformation into account."

The committee is expected to hear from a wide range of individuals and organisations, including the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

Senator McGrath said, "Elections are everybody’s business, so we are not just reviewing the AEC's performance. This inquiry is an opportunity to look at all actors who participate in our elections, including third-parties. It is an opportunity to see what we can do to improve future elections."

Submissions are open until September 20, 2019. The terms of reference can be found on the committee's website.


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