Best and most innovative technologies on the showfloor of CeBIT Australia 2018

THIS week, CeBIT Australia will showcase the latest innovative global technology changing the way we do business. Explore the future of driverless transport, the latest in rugged mobile technologies able to endure even the harshest of elements, an ultra-modern escape room experience, and more all on the exhibition showfloor, from 15-17 May at ICC Sydney.

The incredibly human-like FaceMe chatbots are designed to respond to customer service needs with empathy and personalisation. They look like humans and are equipped with the ability to change their facial expressions in line with the context of the conversation. Showcasing the 'next wave of digital employees', the highly-interactive chatbots are powered through a sophisticated AI platform, soon to be rolled-out across service-based establishments such as banks.

From ultra-smart robots to smart buildings, Advantech Australia will demonstrate the latest in intelligent smart buildings designed to enhance sustainability and efficiency. In a special CeBIT Australia first, Norton by Symantec will launch its first ever hardware product, the Norton Core Router. Designed to protect all the home's smart devices from cyber threats, the router is ambitious in both design and function and begs to be showcased rather than hidden behind the home TV. Demonstrations of this new product will be held on their stand. The story of Norton Core will be told through an Australian first visual hologram prototype on a 1.4m x 1m display.

Harvey Stockbridge, managing director, Hannover Fairs Australia, said driverless vehicles are always a popular attraction, this year will be no different.

"There's no disputing the rise of driverless vehicles. In fact, some claim that by 2030, most vehicles on Australian roads will be automated. Accordingly, driverless transport will make its mark again on the showfloor of CeBIT Australia. We also have a range of exhibitors bringing with them the latest technology in their industry, from holographic displays, to coding classes and digital employees, there are many avenues looking at the future of business technology," said Mr Stockbridge.

EasyMile and the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) presents the ultimate in-house fleet management solution for transporting up to 15 passengers and travelling up to 45km/h, the EZ10 driverless shuttle challenges the ideas of driverless automation.

A first on the showfloor, Maxo Telecommunications, will give attendees the chance to compete in an interactive escape room experience 'Escape Your Telco'. The highly anticipated Atlassian Code Lab sees classes run each day, where visitors can learn the basics of coding.

"The showfloor of CeBIT Australia is always buzzing with activity and an air of excitement, that's because it really is thrilling to get a taste of what's to come. Some of the innovations on display this year are truly revolutionary.

"It's humbling that so many great innovators of the industry choose CeBIT Australia to show-off their amazing advancements. It's an honour to be able to provide CeBIT Australia as a platform for this purpose," Stockbridge added.

CeBIT Australia 2018 is happening at ICC Sydney next week, with leading international keynotes, conference streams, and two stages on the showfloor, the Innovation stage and the FutureTech stage, covering everything from IoT to machine learning and AI.  

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