Clearmatch gains Anna Harper as new CFO

ANNA HARPER – who was named CFO of the Year at the inaugural Women in Banking and Finance Awards recently – has been appointed as chief financial officer and head of markets at peer-to-peer SaaS lending platform, Clearmatch.

The Clearmatch SaaS lending platform, which was spun out of SocietyOne’s technology platform by founder Greg Symons in October last year, will also utilise Ms Harper in an executive director role. Ms Harper holds a shareholding in Clearmatch and said she planned to ramp the platform up into full commercialisation in Australia, and internationally. 

“My tenure as chief financial officer of SocietyOne over the past 22 months has being a fantastic opportunity to enter and understand the fintech industry from what has been largely a private equity lead career,” Ms Harper said. “I also remain interested in leveraging my experience from my previous role in the strategic involvement of the listing of Virtus Health but love the hands-on world of what Clearmatch has to offer.”

Last year Ms Harper was a finalist in five fintech and banking related awards. Her decision to join Clearmatch, which until recently has been a fully owned subsidiary of Australia’s largest marketplace lender SocietyOne, has been driven by her interest and belief in the ever-growing – and inevitable – disruption occurring in the banking sector.

“Her passion in our business, and marketplace lending overall, is clearly evidenced in the industry recognition Anna has attained in such a short period of time,” Clearmatch founder and CEO Greg Symons said. “We are privileged to have her join us at a time where Clearmatch is rapidly expanding its client base in complementary asset classes to SocietyOne.”

SocietyOne’s CEO and managing director, Jason Yetton said, “Anna has played an absolutely critical role in transforming the financial operations of SocietyOne, helping us to grow our business strongly since she joined us in January 2016.

“Her contribution and the initiatives she has put in place have put us on a par with our ASX-listed counterparts, all of which has been a tremendous achievement. Anna has been a great advocate for our company and her efforts on this front saw her recognised in September as CFO of the Year at the prestigious 2017 Women in Finance Awards.

“We are very proud of what Anna has achieved and we wish her all the best for the future with Greg and the team at Clearmatch.”


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