Junomojo platform helps cut through to everyday well-being

AN ONLINE hub to help busy people embrace health and wellness has been developed by business transformation and leadership expert Jill Annear.

The Gold Coast-based website and portal – junomojo.com.au – is dedicated to providing a more holistic approach to wellbeing for both mind and body, while making it easier to manage within a busy lifestyle.

“Through the companies I’ve worked with, I’ve always placed a focus on health and wellbeing, whether it’s been through the company itself, or simply the staff wellbeing programs we’ve implemented,” CEO and founder Jill Annear said. 

“Junomojo is a natural extension of this, it’s the realisation of my goal to make health and wellbeing easier and more accessible for all.”

The new e-platform has been designed around six vital wellness ‘pillars’ according to Ms Annear, each supported with a dedicated collection of lifestyle products to help incorporate wellbeing into daily life.

“We wanted to create a destination of carefully curated products and useful information that people can trust,” Ms Annear said. “A place that combines products that have been personally endorsed by us with information, insights and advice across a wide range of connected industries.”

Ms Annear said the Junomojo pillars include Sleep Well (utilising bamboo bedding, eye masks and silk bedding), Eat Nourishingly (with help from recipe books, yoghurt and cheese makers and supplements), Hydrate Often (presenting blenders, filters, organic tea and coffee), Breathe Easy (utilising aromatherapy diffusers, air purifiers), Move Your Body (presenting exercise equipment, pilates and yoga products), and Find Your Mojo (with information on essential oils, affirmations and beauty products).

Ms Annear said each pillar also has its own colour as “a reminder to take a broad approach to health”.

“There isn’t a one size fits all model for good health and wellness,” Ms Annear said. “We’re not here to push singular or extreme views, we want to make wellbeing easy and accessible, but most of all – simple.”

Jill Annear and the team at Junomojo are also very clear on what they are not.

“We’re not qualified medical practitioners,” she said. “However, we’re confident that making a choice to focus on simple actions that become daily habits within each of our six pillars makes sense and will help to support a healthy and balanced life.”

Junomojo will host its official launch at the Business Chick’s 9-thrive Brisbane event, October 19-20, at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

“The team will be proudly talking all things Junomojo as well as offering an amazing show

special including our Wellbeing Essentials pack – a canvas tote filled with a beautiful array

of lovingly chosen products to start you on your wellness journey,” Ms Annear said.



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