Ecozen set up to save the world ‘one pool at a time’

WHEN he graduated from Queensland’s Griffith University, armed with horticultural qualifications and an Environmental Science degree in the 1990s, Sean Lynch knew he wanted to change the way built environments interfaced with the natural world – for the better.

He chose pools as his canvas, figuring he could make a positive impact upon the chemical-laden practices of the time. How right he proved to be, taking a lead in applying new technologies and sustainability practices after he founded Ecozen Pools and Landscapes in 1999. 

Sean Lynch, Ecozen founder and managing director.

In fact, so successful has his approach been – winning Ecozen a range of iconic sustainable pool projects – that it has accelerated his commercial success to the point where he recently purchased one of Queensland’s most successful rival businesses. In September Ecozen took over the reins of the Maroochydore Pool Fab business which has dominated the Sunshine Coast as a supplier of quality pools for more than 30 years.

“I feel a particular affinity toward the Sunshine Coast because this is where I grew up,” Mr Lynch said.

“Families are on the hunt for ways to reduce electricity costs but still maintain an outdoor lifestyle. New trends in swimming pool construction have made pools far more eco-friendly and cost effective with clients now reaping the reward of saving dollars on the power bills.”

Ecozen has been a leader in providing technologically advanced eco-smart solutions – and these are included at no extra cost in its custom-designed pools. Mr Lynch has built a reputation for incorporating sustainability beyond the pool by integrating water-conscious landscaping and solar power generation that is often set up to supply the premises and the grid.

“Our focus is to provide the best tried and tested environmentally conscious technology with each of our pool packages so we take price out of the purchase equation as a unique value-add benefit for our clients,” Mr Lynch said.

“We offer the latest in cutting edge expertise with our fresh water pool sanitisation systems partnered with energy efficient variable speed eco-pumps. Our eco-smart systems reduce chemical use, chemical output into the environment and save money through the reduction in operating costs.”

Mr Lynch is a firm believer in environmentally sustainable pool technology and how eco-smart carbon offset pools and landscapes hold immense value for clients and the community.

“This is the way the future is heading, not just to appease environmentalists, but because of necessity and practicality,” he said. “An environmentally friendly outdoor garden and entertaining space is growing in desirability and is one that will always be a smart and a cost-effective long-term choice.

“Today’s clients insist on innovative designs that embrace eco-friendly practices. With energy costs rising, the most eco-friendly thing you can do with your pool is to reduce its energy consumption and demand therefore achieving significant savings to the home energy budget,” Mr Lynch said.

“Through the understanding of science and ecology and using the latest technology to deliver low energy costs, these days a ‘green’ – that is, an environmentally friendly and highly energy efficient – pool is the way of the future.”

He said through water loss, energy consumption and pollution, pools and gardens can be a heavy strain on natural resources, but by incorporating new and innovative products and design features into their pools, homeowners can make a vast difference and be a part of a global initiative to live sustainably.

“The natural waterways that we have in our state are not ours to destroy through needless chemical contamination but are our responsibility to protect for future generations,” Mr Lynch said.. “Our community is now more educated about the impact we have on our planet and with this awareness comes a responsibility to do our share to preserve our natural environment.

“When designing a pool and landscape space, clients now want to achieve a green design. Clients are now asking, ‘What can we do to make our pool and outdoor space more eco-smart?’” One of Ecozen's more spectacular sustainable pool and landscaping projects at Brisbane's West End.

 “We combine water-wise plant design with site placement to reduce evaporation, watering needs and upkeep costs. The permaculture approach to our landscape designs utilises systems such as co-efficient planting,” Mr Lynch said.

“We plant trees and other plants that benefit each other via natural pest control and water catchment. Our vision is to create sustainable self-sufficient sites that provide all the water, energy, fruit and vegetable requirements a house needs.”

Mr Lynch said Ecozen always included options for the installation of solar panels to harvest energy required to operate pool and lighting systems.

“We can also offer energy positive pool and landscape packages,” Mr Lynch said. “If we can harvest more solar energy than the pool and landscape lighting systems require, we are creating a positive feedback of harvested kilowatt energy back into the home and the community power grid.

“A water-wise garden is easy to create and has numerous benefits. Not only does it save water and resources, it also saves time and money on maintenance and you require less fertiliser and pesticides. It is better for the environment, and better for you.”


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