Australian water tech goes swimmingly for KL 2017 Games

AUSTRALIAN designed and manufactured water disinfection technology will help to protect swimmers competing at the Kuala Lumpur 29th Southeast Asian Games (KL 2017) in Malaysia in August.  

Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) shipped three of its multiple award-winning EcoLine water disinfection systems to Kuala Lumpur in March, to be installed in the FINA standard competition swimming pools at the Malaysia National Aquatic Centre.  

Specialist aquatic architect and group managing director of ARGO Architects, Will Marcus, specified AIS’s technology for the project. Both companies are headquartered in Brisbane.

AIS CEO, Elena Gosse said a major advantage of EcoLine was that the technology worked in water with ‘total dissolved solids (TDS) levels as low as 1,200 parts per million, creating a swimming experience and quality of water that feels, smells and tastes more like a fresh water swimming pool.

She said EcoLine’s automatic chlorine production kept levels remain stable, “helping to avoid incidents such as the recent ‘green pool’ at the Rio Olympics”.

“We are so proud that our innovative, award-winning, Australian designed and made EcoLine technology will be on the world-stage in KL in August,” Ms Gosse said. “Our EcoLine systems disinfect water onsite and inline conveniently and automatically. Using a process known as electrolysis, water passes through electrolytic cells which convert minerals and salts in water to chlorine.  The chlorine is then safely injected back into the pool water.

“Our innovative, EcoLine technology is not only safe and reliable but ends the outdated practice of storing and dosing liquid chlorine,” Ms Gosse said.

While selected for competition and leisure swimming pools in 55 countries, AIS technology has so far not been a technology of choice for the 2018 Commonwealth Games competition venues on the Gold Coast. But Ms Gosse is hoping the current foreign-manufactured liquid chlorine dosing system being used on the Gold Coast will be converted to modern AIS technology soon.

“During the Games we will be shining the world spotlight on our best Australian athletes,” Ms Gosse said. “We should also be shining it on our best, local technology.”



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