Supercheap Auto's new customer experience more than just the sum of its car parts

SUPERCHEAP Auto has developed a revolutionary flagship Customer Experience Centre which will open in Penrith, NSW, on July 1 and form the basis of the next generation of stores for the automotive retailer.

The Penrith Experience Centre is a pilot store concept featuring a suite of new services, digital experiences, and unique design features to meet the current and future needs of customers.


This new addition to the Supercheap portfolio of 320 sSupercars champion Chas Mostert takes a selfie in the new Supercheap Auto Customer Experience Centre.tores was purpose-built to deliver solutions, in recognition of the evolution of customer needs and the importance of adapting its offer accordingly, according to Supercheap Auto managing director, Chris Wilesmith.

The Experience Centre welcomes customers with a massive 36sqm outdoor LED screen with FM audio transmission which will be a beacon of information and advice for the centres’ customers, as well a centrepiece for the store’s out-of-hours events, he said.

Another key feature of the Penrith Experience Centre is a floor to ceiling video wall with more than 70 unique pieces of localised content which responds to customers movements on entry, and provides an entertaining welcome to each customer walking by.

The Experience Centre is complete with grandstand-style seating for customers to watch and learn, and a centre stage big enough for a vehicle to be utilised for live demonstrations. It also boasts 8 x 84” LED screens hanging from the ceiling, enabling customers to watch and learn from more than 700 available videos.

The new centre was designed not just to excite but also to serve as an informative and practical hub as well as an experiential one, according to Mr Wilesmith. Supercheap Auto's innovative new Penrith store.

“Customer service and advice will be key in this store and to that end we have introduced the ‘Guru Concept’ which will see gurus with specialist product knowledge available to customers throughout the store,” Mr Wilesmith said.

“There are also two Car Clinic advice bars which will allow customers to find the best solution to their automotive problems."

Cutting edge technology includes the digital wayfinder, an interactive map displayed on a large screen that allows customers to search for a product, and then provides them with an animated map to guide them to it. 

There are no paper catalogues in this store, instead replaced by digital product selection guides to ensure a faster and more accurate way to locate the right product, Mr Wilesmith said.

In addition to digital engagement in the store there are numerous product feature displays which are aimed at showcasing solutions and providing inspiration for customers on how they can use various products.  The ‘Dream Garage’, a dedicated area of the store set up to show what the perfect home garage could look like, is a perfect example of this. 

“It’s so much more than just an auto store,” Mr Wilesmith said.

“Our customers deserve more and we are changing the way we engage with them.”

Other key features customers can enjoy include 24-hour parcel collection service; an industry-leading ‘60 minute click and collect’ program; new services such as Tesla electric vehicle charging, nitrogen tyre inflation, windscreen chip repair and baby seat fitment demonstrations; a full time service concierge on hand to assist customers with all their queries; occasion-based layout with products grouped by solution or usage

In addition to this there is the Pit Stop, a cafe-style lounge area that allows customers to relax and browse through the online store at six dedicated stations – ideal for those waiting for product to be fitted to their car. This area has a strong local connection, featuring community and social sharing boards and a quirky Penrith number plate.

“Whilst the Supercheap Auto Penrith store has all the attributes of a truly national flagship, we have stayed true to the locality and have ensured there are touches of Penrith to keep our community connection alive, and to recognise our team and customers who have supported our success over 45 years,” Mr Wilesmith said..

Supercheap Auto Penrith, located at the Penrith Homemaker Centre, will open its doors on July 1. Featured at the family-orientated opening will be an appearance from the Mighty Car Mods, Triple M Rock Patrol giveaways, HSV Car Club displays, and exclusive club member offers, Mr Wilesmith said.


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