Australia's new 'Philausophy' campaign applauded by inbound tourism industry

THE Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) has welcomed Tourism Australia’s new international Philausophy campaign which "will bring a focus to Australia’s unique place in the international tourism marketplace".

“While the global market for international tourism continues to grow, Australia also faces increasing competition from destinations willing to invest significant marketing budgets into attracting international visitors,” ATEC managing director Peter Shelley said.

“Finding new ways to connect and showcase Australia’s unique offering is a vital way for us to stand out in a crowded marketplace and this campaign hones in on some of the things that make Australia a truly special and unique travel destination." 

Mr Shelley said Australia was becoming an increasingly popular leisure destination, with 77 percent of visitors travelling here for holidays and that figure due to increase over the next decade.

“Tourism Australia is continuing to evolve our marketing campaigns in order to deliver not only a stronger message to-market, but to engage a more sophisticated and enduring visitor relationship," Mr shelley said.

"Our unique Australian personality is being celebrated in this campaign - a welcoming and positive message which has been well received by leading international travel buyers representing our key markets.

“The ‘Come Live our Philausophy’ campaign will highlight the Australian lifestyle and outlook on life in order to create inspiration to travel here, and with international visitation expected to almost double in the next decade, it's campaigns like this that will help to drive this growth.

"While Australia possesses many attractive and competitive natural and man-made tourism attributes one thing that is different is our unique, welcoming and relaxed Australian personality – an attribute which is consistently highlighted in guest books and review sites country wide by international visitors."


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