InMoment helps business accelerate digitally in age of COVID

By Leon Gettler >>

WITH COVID-19, businesses everywhere are going digital. That changes everything, and potentially brings them closer to customers. The key to success here is how well they monitor customer feedback.

Enter InMoment with its XI digital transformation solution. It is designed to help brands successfully navigate the complicated digital transformation landscape and act on customer feedback.

InMoment’s Australian managing director, David Blakers said the solution was developed in response to changing market conditions, particularly with COVID, accelerating digital transformation across every industry.

This means there are now more customer contact channels popping up everywhere. It means organisations need greater access to customer feedback on those channels. 

InMoment’s CI digital transformation solution allows businesses to act on that feedback in real time and adjust the information they are pushing out regardless of channel, whether it’s the website, the native mobile app or live chat.


Mr Blakers said the InMoment solution, which was accelerated over the last 12 months, is much more than a tool to turn businesses into e-commerce enterprises.

“It’s about giving these different brands and ability to interact with their customers and meet them where they are,” Mr Blakers told Talking Business.

“A lot organisations have realised that customers want flexibility in the way they interact with the brand so they want the option of possibly talking to a live person, going into a branch, getting on the telephone … but also want assisted service where they may come in via self-service channels initially, but may need some help from a human, or possibly just do it completely themselves at any time of their choosing.”

The solution was developed at a time when businesses are accelerating going digital because of COVID.

“A lot of digital transformation plans that were already underway have been accelerated massively through COVID,” he said. “A lot of businesses have been able to tap on budgets they wouldn’t have thought were possible to access, basically through demand.”


The InMoment service allows organisations to set up listening posts in all the digital channels they have running. This gives them the ability to receive real time feedback so they can find out how their customers are experiencing the service across the different channels.

If things are going well, the company can feed it back into their product teams to keep optimising those digital experiences. If things aren’t going well, they can close the loop and reach out the customer to make it right, to stop them from churning, or possibly going on social media and sharing the poor experience they had.

The solution offers a lot of the web analytics available today and combines it with the voice-of-customer information, using technologies such as text analytics.

It also pops in customer survey questions and uses unsolicited feedback with customer feedback on review sites and social media, putting it all into the same system.

“It’s categorising those free flow comments and assigning sentiments so the business is able to trawl through thousands and thousands of comments quickly and pick up the key themes that are coming back from customers,” Mr Blakers said.

The system also has integrations with all the web analytics tools and integrations and with all the popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Popular messaging platforms such as Slack are also utilised.

The first immediate takers for the technology are financial services firms and telcos, which have a lot of customer contacts, but InMoment is also finding a market with some of the world’s major retailers.

“A lot of government agencies are now starting to get on board with it as well. They’re realising citizens want more flexibility in the way they interact with the agency,” Mr Blakers said.

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