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THE House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy is powering ahead with its inquiry into modernising Australia’s electricity grid.

Written submissions to the inquiry, addressing one or more of the terms of reference, are due at the end of next week on Friday, 28 April 2017.

The Committee is eager to hear from interested stakeholders, so submitters are reminded to lodge their submissions by the due date via the inquiry website. To assist stakeholders in formulating their submissions, the Committee has prepared a brief discussion paper expanding on the terms of reference.

In addition to written submissions, the Committee is also accepting answers to an online questionnaire, which asks households and businesses to share information about how they currently interact with the electricity grid, and about their expectations of the grid into the future.

The Chair of the Committee, Mr Andrew Broad MP, said the Committee is keen to learn about the challenges the community identifies with the current electricity grid.

“We also need to identify what opportunities exist to modernise this important and essential service’s infrastructure,” Mr Broad said.

The Deputy Chair of the Committee, Mr Pat Conroy MP, said written submissions and questionnaire answers are vital in guiding the Committee.

“This is a bipartisan inquiry, and we’ll focus on the issues that are important to the community and to stakeholders,” Mr Conroy said.

Further information about the inquiry—including the terms of reference, the discussion paper, and the online questionnaire—is available on the inquiry webpage. Information about how to make a submission to an inquiry can be obtained from the Parliament of Australia webpage.

Interested members of the public may wish to track the committee via the website


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