Sun shines on Redback Technologies’ web of opportunity

REDBACK Technologies is one of Queensland’s outstanding companies in a field that is very much ahead of the innovation curve itself – future power management, especially integrating solar energy. 

A measure of how far Redback Technologies is ahead of the field is its attraction of a $9.3 million investment in the company by leading energy retailer EnergyAustralia, establishing a partnership aimed at developing new technology to help Australians take control of their energy consumption. 

Under the partnership, EnergyAustralia will promote the Redback Generation 2 Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter System to its 1.7 million customers in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia.

Redback’s solar inverter system is scalable, easy to install and offers a faster return on investment than other competitors in the market. It can be run from a smart phone and is also battery and solar panel agnostic, which means it works with existing systems.

“Our partnership with EnergyAustralia significantly accelerates Redback’s technology roadmap and strategic plan for leading the disruptive change required for mass adoption of renewables,” Redback Technologies founder and managing director Philip Livingston said.

The inverter includes Redback’s cloud enabled intelligent system for analytics and remote control, the Ouija Board. Making use of the Internet of Things and technology gives homeowners and commercial users options through a smart device.

The technology uses machine learning to gather intelligence over time, learning from user preferences as well as drawing data from external factors like the weather.

“It is Redback’s mission to build infrastructure for the future grid, infrastructure that enables grid stability without reliance on centralised fossil generators,” Mr Livingston said. “Democratising access to clean energy by shifting reliance to decentralised renewable generation, whereby allowing consumers to monitor, store and control their own solar energy assets as a means of ensuring power is there when they need it.” 

Redback Technologies is based at the University of Queensland’s start-up incubator, iLab, and recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the university to commercialise its research and development in the solar space. This investment will see the startup expand its business and fuel the Queensland economy by creating about 60 new jobs – software and hardware developers along with client service specialists – the before the end of 2016.


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