Chinese Government companies must respect western culture: Clive Palmer

BHP CEO Andrew Mackenzie got it right when he said the Chinese must respect western culture according to the chairman of Mineralogy, Clive Palmer.

"Mineralogy has stood as the last sentry at the gate of Australian freedom and respect for the law  as Chinese Government owned companies have tried to steal Mineralogy resources,’’ Mr Palmer said in Brisbane today.

"What is worse is Australian governments have tried to help them by persecuting me and bowing to Chinese Government pressure.

"At the forefront of Australian values is respect for the rule of law and the independence of our judicial system.

“Respect needs to be shown in dealing with the government. It is a major mistake for groups associated with the Chinese government to fund Australian political parties such as the Labor Party and the Liberal Party.

“Chinese Australians, like all Australians, value Australian way of life. It is in the interest of all members of the Australian community to defend and protect our way of life and the rule of law,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“I would urge the leaders of the Labor and Liberal parties to instruct their parties and members not to receive foreign Government inspired donations and stand firm and protect the  rule of law in Australia,’’ he said.

Mineralogy has recently received a judgement in its favour for US$153 million against the largest Chinese Government owned company in the world, Citic Limited.

The Chinese-Government-owned company still has not paid the judgement and continues to export Australian resources without paying, Mr Palmer said.


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