TechOne keys in partnership deal with Qattro properties

ENTERPRISE software innovator TechnologyOne has partnered with Qattro to tackle the property group’s expansion on a national scale.

With an expected turnover of more than $100 million in the next financial year, and offices opening across Australia, South Australian owned and operated property group Qattro  had partnered with TechnologyOne to deliver “a scalable, integrated enterprise solution that will accommodate expeditious growth,” according to Qattro managing director Bradley Jansen. 

“We have a complex business, but TechnologyOne gives us a system that will not only keep up with our fast pace, but stay one step ahead with constant innovation,” Mr Jansen said.

TechnologyOne executive chairman Adrian Di Marco said the partnership highlighted TechnologyOne’s position as an innovative partner for the property development industry.

“TechnologyOne delivers a solution that enables Qattro to grow and stay ahead in the competitive property development sector,” Mr Di Marco said.

Qattro recently rolled out TechnologyOne’s enterprise solution to manage the end-to-end property lifecycle from a single solution, enabling it to achieve higher levels of scalability, flexibility and accuracy.

“Our number one financial challenge is managing the complexity of having 25 to 30 different legal entities,” Mr Jansen said.

“TechnologyOne’s OnePropertyDevelopment solution allows us to automatically move money between bank accounts so we never have to log in and out of systems - it’s a one stop shop that takes care of the inter-company capital flows seamlessly and under the hood.

“We aren’t constrained anymore and can operate more efficiently, despite the complexity of our business. It will save us up to five days in manpower a month. 

“Human resource management enables employees to request leave no matter where they are and have their manager electronically authorise it, eliminating paperwork. Managing our payroll transactions in one spot is significantly more effective than our old system, where we would have six or seven different data files for the different employer companies.

“As for contract and project management, the solution provides a single source of truth, allowing us to control cost down to the most granular level, while maintaining seamless integration through disbursing to financial accounting ledgers.”

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