AIIA Webinar: Low Risk, High Reward Market Disruption

Low Risk, High Reward Market Disruption – Stand out in your market through knowing what your customer values better than anyone else and delivering it over and over


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Disruption is simply changing the rules of the game in a competitive market. This can be as simple as a business model that alters the basic economics to technology that offer unique capabilities. Disruption can also mean being first to market with solutions customer’s value just before they realize they need it. This type of market disruption comes from both having deeply trusted relationships with customers and understanding their needs in ways that reveal their needs before others.

How is this possible? Two factors are at play. If we look at what customers say they value, we are looking into the rear-view mirror. For what they tell us is based upon what they buy or what they sell. The truth of their needs lies with what they believe which is the basis of their choices. These beliefs, which they are often not aware of is a more accurate indicator of what they value and why.

The second factor is the level of trust customers have with your company. If this is deep and you know what questions to ask, you can build a unique view of what matter most to your clients in real time. Understanding this perspective creates an unassailable road map to short- and long-term market leadership.

During this interactive event, we will share multiple examples of companies uses this approach and win big. We will give you simple steps you can apply to alter your understanding of your customer’s needs and what to do to offer greater value than others.


John Wallis

Managing Director and Managing Partner of Trnsform’s Global Consulting ServicesDuring the last 40 years, John has spent approximately the last 25 years in the Business and Management Consulting industries, working in roles such as CEO, Regional Director, Divisional Manager and General Manager. Having worked for companies with turnovers ranging from 5 Million to 350 Million (US) both private and public listed, he has developed a good understanding of the primary success factors required to grow and develop a profitable and high growth business.

With the experience, expertise, and international professional networks to assist in every aspect of your business, his multi-disciplinary approach draws on local and international expertise; and offers a flexible, focused and fully integrated range of services. Coming from generations of family run businesses, John is a specialist in the private company, Mid Cap /family business markets, including start-ups; he has the ability to understand the unique challenges that surround these environments.

Whether it is critical succession issues; the need to complement traditional management with contemporary executive strategy; medium term trade sale, to IPO or to significantly improve productivity/profits. John has built an enviable reputation for delivering exceptional results often exceeding client expectations in all areas of the business.

Thomas White

Thomas have been a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, and boards of directors for over thirty years. They have relied upon him to assist them with:

  • Leadership mentoring and development
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Fundraising
  • Disruptive business and product strategies
  • Cultures that consistently exceed expectations

Thomas has worked with companies from startups to the top end of the Fortune 500. He has raised over $200M in investment capital and represented venture capital funds as co-investor and board member. Thomas’ engagements have been in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

Thomas’ first startup, in the technology field over 45 years ago, was sold to a Silicon Valley public technology company. Since then, he has expanded his experience of success by starting 18 companies in Silicon Valley and worldwide. Thomas has extended his explorations of success by understanding the essence of our humanity. He has studied areas from ancient philosophies to neuroscience to psychology to quantum physics.

Today, Thomas works with entrepreneurial leaders who operate with a moral purpose and clear values. His abilities to quickly see the root cause of challenges and offer multiple pathways to success continues to underpin his success.

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